Wednesday, September 26, 2007

San Jose About To Be Worse Than Anywhere Fucking Ever

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Toilet to Tap? San Jose Probes Plan

SAN JOSE, Calif. - With water shortages a possibility looming in the state's future, this city's starting to look at what it would take to turn sewage back into water that's pure enough to drink.

"This is a homegrown resource. It is the most reliable supply you can have," said Eric Rosenblum, division manager for San Jose's South Bay Water Recycling Project.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District and the city of San Jose are partnering in initial discussions of the potentially controversial idea.

If they can get the public to support the plan, millions of gallons of purified waste water could one day be pumped back into the aquifers the county now relies on for half of its drinking water. The other half comes from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River delta.

Officials noted that technology exists to treat sewage water using methods such as reverse osmosis, microfiltration and ultraviolet light, and render it pure enough to meet California drinking water standards. But they also explained the idea is still in its initial phase, and a final, detailed proposal isn't expected until next year.

Some water districts in the state have already moved ahead with similar projects.

The Orange County Water District will inaugurate in November a plant that will recycle up to 70 million gallons of waste water a day, then use it to recharge drinking water aquifers.

But in some areas where the process was proposed the plans were derided as sending water from "toilet to tap" and the public wasn't interested.

"What we don't want to end up with is what's happened in other areas where you have fear and politics cause a backlash," said Keith Whitman, water supply manager for the Santa Clara Valley Water District, promising to take a cautious approach.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Worst Crook Ever

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Bank Robber Uses Own Check in Robbery

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - A note demanding money from a bank teller was written on a check that authorities said belonged to the suspect. Forest Kelly Bissonnette, 27, apparently scratched his name off one of his own checks, then used that check to write a note used in a bank robbery Sept. 5, according to authorities.

"We could still make it out even though he blacked it out," said Rene VonderHaar, FBI special agent.

Bissonnette remained in federal custody Tuesday after turning himself in on Friday.

Nearly $5,000 was taken during the robbery at the Bank of the West in Englewood.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Just When You Thought High School Musical Couldn't Get More Popular

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"High School Musical" Star Nude Online

NEW YORK - Vanessa Hudgens' representative has confirmed that a nude photo circulating on the Internet is indeed the 18-year-old star of Disney Channel's wildly popular "High School Musical" series.

"This was a photo which was taken privately," a statement from Hudgens spokesman said, according to "It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public."

The photo shows the 18-year-old actress standing naked in what appears to be a bathroom, with a red shower curtain behind her.

There was no immediate comment Friday from officials at the Walt Disney Co.

Hudgens portrayed Gabriella, the brainy love interest of Zac Efron's basketball star in the first two "High School Musical" movies. The two are said to be dating in real life.

"High School Musical 2" attracted more than 17 million viewers for its Disney Channel premiere in August, the most-watched television program of the summer. A feature film "High School Musical 3" is planned.


Perez Hilton has the photo goodness on his page. You know you want to see it perv.