Wednesday, October 03, 2007


via NY Post

Mom poses as male teen online to catch daughter

A 13-year-old Alabama girl received a message from a 17-year-old boy over the social site Bebo. She had made the Bebo profile without parental permission and lied on the profile saying she was 16.

They had brief Internet conversations and after he sent her a photo of his body, Jasmine agreed to tell him more information no young girl should tell a stranger.

Except the 17-year-old boy was actually the girl’s mom, and mom has a mean streak in her.

As it turned out, Jasmine’s interest in her unseen friend soured when he said he knew her age and what she did on Tuesday nights. She stopped all communication when he told her he knew where she lived.

“I completely deleted my page,” Jasmine says. “I was scared.”

Lesson learned.


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